Fifth Tarot Certification Program

Weekend Intensive

Who is the certification program for?

The certification program is for tarot readers and complementary healing practitioners who are interested in using tarot as a tool to assist others in gaining clarity, direction and insight in their life. It is also for anyone seeking a greater understanding of how to use tarot as a personal tool for transformation on their soul’s journey.

What does the program offer?

The certification program for The Fifth Tarot offers an in-depth study of this deck and specifically how to work with the additional suit representing the element, ether, as it connects to the energies of unity consciousness and what is unfolding at this moment in time in our consciousness. In this certification process, we will explore the wisdom and esoteric teachings contained in tarot. Participants will gain greater understanding of the symbolism, metaphors and meanings contained in the imagery of the cards. We will explore the significance of numerology and the alchemy of the elements. The class offer hands-on experience at improving your reading skills and expanding your intuitive abilities. The certification program facilitates the opportunity for you to become proficient at reading with The Fifth Tarot deck, as well as enhancing what you are able to offer to your clients. Upon completion of above requirements, participant will receive a certificate as an official Fifth Tarot Reader and be registered as such on our website.

Weekend Intensives Series

The Court Cards:
Mastering the elements through ceremony and initation

This is an experiential approach designed to deepen your understanding of the court cards and mastering the elements. In the way of the ancient mystery schools, participants will be initiated through rites and ceremonies into the realm of the sacred. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how the alchemy of the elements helps to align with the fullest expression of who you truly are.

The Lotus Suit:
Expanding into the ethers

Primary focus will be on the general aspects of the ether suit as the representation of the soul essence. We will address the element of ether according to the various energies, attributes and qualities that it embodies. The course is part lecture and part experiential incorporating essential oils, sacred geometries, meditation, sound activations and sacred ceremony.

Beyond the Beyond:
Advanced tarot reading skills

The class offer hands-on experience at improving your reading skills and expanding your intuitive abilities. In round-table style participants will have numerous opportunities to practice new techniques and methods for enhancing your visionary gifts. Participants will gain new awareness and see with “new eyes” different ways to divine through exploration of new spreads and applications.

Platonic Solids Intensive

We are currently working on a weekend intensive to share knowledge regarding the sacred geometry of the platonic solids and how they relate to the elements in tarot. It promises to be insightful with practical ways of working with them in your divination and transformation journeys.