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    Cosmic Man - when we use the available portals to engage our divine gifts

    The Fifth Tarot

     Portal for the cosmic energies at play

     Advanced form of divination

     Tool for activation and attunement

     Gateway for expanding consciousness

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    The Five Elements

     Incorporates the element ether

     Activating higher vibrational gifts

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    Group olmeca
    Tarot Oils
    Apprentice of Shells


     Have fun with 'The Presence'

     Overlighting Deva assists greatly

     Explore new possibilities

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    New paradigm imagery

     Attuned to nature

     Reflects sacred union

     Expressing multi-dimensionality

Welcome to the The Fifth Tarot, understanding the alchemy of the 5 elements to create balance and harmony in your life and in the world!

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Certification Course

10 week live video conference call Thurs. beginning March 8th For readers and practitioners to become proficient at reading with The Fifth Tarot.

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Fifth Tarot Class

Join us for an Ongoing, video-class offering and Embark on a Mystical Journey with The Fifth Tarot! For more info. Connected to the Fifth Tarot video live chat on FB and forum. Share your insights and ways to work with this remarkable tool for growth and healing
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Tarot Readings

We offer live or remote readings to assist with bringing insight, clarity and direction on your path. We Invite you to watch some of our YouTube vids here

The Fifth Tarot class from Martien Bakens on Vimeo.

Beacons of Love Links

One of the magical places we visit on Mayan journeys is Agua Azul

Intuitive Touch

Sessions, readings and evening events at Intuitive Touch on 1054 E Grand ave Arroyo Grande, CA. Upcoming January 11 - Crystal Skull Meditation, January 22 - Shamanic Journey & Ceremony, Feb 1 - Chakra Meditation .Call for an appointment

Earth Ancestors a weaving by Teressena



Visionary Art, Teressena creates paintings, collages, drawings, weavings and mandalas.
Martien shows his Photography on Viewbug. Inspired by nature and travels we enjoy the light that surrounds us!

Essential Harmonics' signature blends - Whole Vibrations and Face Notes



Creating harmony and wholeness with essential oil blends. Products are attuned to the music of the spheres and contain our magical blending gift!
We have single oils, carrier oils and blends as well as signature products, like Whole vibrations and Face Notes.

Light Body Synthesis © restores our luminous energy field with pure light and love

The Five


May 17-19 Join Teressena with Co-Presenter Cheryl Ryder for the powerful retreat Healing with The Five Elements, held at the UNM Research Field Station at Sevilleta Federal Wildlife Refuge.


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The Fifth Tarot is the deck for the transformative times we live in. Includes the Fifth element ether.

suit! - 92 cards - 352 page book       Buy now on Amazon