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    Cosmic Man - when we use the available portals to engage our divine gifts

    The Fifth Tarot

     Portal for the cosmic energies at play

     Advanced form of divination

     Tool for activation and attunement

     Gateway for expanding consciousness

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    The Five Elements

     Incorporates the element ether

     Activating higher vibrational gifts

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    New! Fifth Tarot app,

    awesome, huh??

     For readings anytime, anywhere!

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     Looks great on tablets & Smartphones

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    New paradigm imagery

     Attuned to nature

     Reflects sacred union

     Expressing multi-dimensionality

Welcome to the The Fifth Tarot, understanding the alchemy of the 5 elements to create balance and harmony in your life and in the world!

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Tarot Certification

We offer a series of weekend classes, workshops and courses designed to enhance understanding of working with The Fifth Tarot.

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Tarot Readings

We offer live or remote readings to assist with bringing insight, clarity and direction on your path.

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The Fifth Tarot is the deck for the transformative times we live in. Includes the Fith element and ether suit! - 92 cards - 352 page book       Buy now on Amazon